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I bring my dog there for boarding and my cat for grooming. I have never liked boarding my dog because she always comes home sick due to she hates being away from me and my husband. She is not this way when I board her with ya’ll. Awesome, awesome, awesome people and establishment!!!!! I can’t thank all of you enough for taking care of my babies.


Thank you so much for the wonderful care and loving attention you gave Carley while we were away. My sweet Harley (age 16) went to Rainbow Bridge in December. I was extremely reluctant to leave Carley in someone else’s care for the first time. You made us feel so welcome and when Carley arrived to her Butterfly Suite, cozy bed, stuffed toy and biscuit treat waiting for her... I was so happy and felt very comfortable trusting her to your care. Thanks so much!

Love, Jackie

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Tomball Pet Resort Testimonials

To the Owners, Management & Staff of Tomball Pet Resort

It is my sincere hope that each and everyone of you had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year will be happy and prosperous.

This note has taken me several weeks to notify you, that I lost my beloved dog, Lil" Girl.

After her spending the Thanksgiving holiday with you guys, I brought her home only to watch her grow much more sick and weak. So, I had the awful task for taking her to the Vet and the decision was made. Lil' Girl needed to go to her "permanent" Pet Resort. So on December 9th, she had to leave us, but she will never be forgotten.

The main purpose of this note, it to Thank each and all for the wonderful care and love you showed her when she came to stay. I never worried or was concerned that Lil' Girl would not be given the upmost attention and care, and it certainly made our trips out of town more pleasurable and no stress knowing she was in the very best care.

If ever, you have new clients that have doubts, I will be more than happy to give Tomball Pet Resort an outstanding grade and review and assure those who have concerns, their pets will treated like royalty.

Again, thanks to all of you and know I will miss seeing you.

Please tell Donna (groomer) she always made Lil' Girl so pretty. She was indeed my best buddy.

Best Wishes and Good Luck,


Faculty and Staff,

As a loyal customer for quite some time, I am in deep pain to report that Beau is now playing among the fields of the Rainbow Bridge.

After a weeklong stay in ICU at Gulf Coast Specialist, doctors made the decision to remove a cyst on his prostate. A successful surgery, but while still under, a blood clot traveled to his heart. He passed away on Friday, June 12.

As it may be, God had a different plan for Beau. He didn't want my baby to hurt anymore. Now, God has a wonderful companion.

Thank you for treating my baby like one of your own while staying at the Pet Resort.

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

With Respect and Love

Troy & Robin

Dear Tomball Pet Resort staff,

Thank you so much for the sweet card which all of you signed expressing your condolences for our 22 year old kitty, Spanky. We want you to know how much we appreciate it. It warmed our hearts to hear how much you enjoyed taking care of him. We only wish we could have held him one more time but it just wasn't possible. We sure became attached to him after all of these years.

We want you to know how much we appreciated your attention to his condition and arranging our veterinarian to provide any medical assistance possible while we were out of town. We will always be grateful to you.

Spanky lived a long, healthy and pampered life. He was only 5 months old when he followed our son and his friends home one Halloween. After several months, we located his owner who was happy he had found a loving home. We can assure you that he was spoiled on a regular basis. He spent most of his days sitting in front of the refrigerator waiting for handouts, which he got pretty much on demand.

Now, Boom, our other cat, as you well know, is another story. He was rescued from the SPCA as a kitten and grew up with Spanky. He would always follow Spanky around the house and sometimes he would get a little too close and Spanky would let him know he needed some breathing room, ha. Boom has been rather quiet since we have been home and we know he misses Spanky too.

Thank you again for thinking of us and for all the tender loving care you have given to Spanky and Boom in the past.

We thought you might enjoy a picture of Spanky in his "younger" days.

Rod & Linda

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