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Pet Policies and Procedures

Thank you for scheduling your pet for their resort stay at the Tomball Pet Resort

Some important information for you:

  • Charges are Incurred per calendar day/per pet and Include the day of drop off and pick up regardless of drop off/pick up times. We are available for guest drop-off and pick up M-F 7:00 am-6:oo pm, Saturday 7:00 am-!1:30 pm, Sunday 2:00 pm-4:30 pm. Holidays excluded.

  • Please allow 5-10 minutes for your resort check-in, During holiday weekends and summer, we often have numerous check-ins, so please be prepared for a little extra time, and plan accordingly.

  • ALL pets must be FULLY vaccinated. We do not board pets with diabetes; older pets must. be In good health condition and be able to walk on their own. No post-operative pets with staples or stitches will be boarded.

  • We encourage you to bag and label your pet's regular food into individual feedings. When your pet's food Is pre-bagged, we would love to provide them with a treat from our resort staff. Please kindly leave feeding bowls at home. We will provide our own.

  • Medications and supplements need to be brought in the original bottle It was dispensed In with the drug label on It. We cannot accept handwritten labels or medication/supplements in baggies. Medications and oral sμpplements can be given during your pet's stay for an additional cost per dose, per medication/supplement.

  • A "Pampere.d Pet" bath can be provided for an additional charge at the end of your pet's stay. This Is a basic wash and dry only, Including very light brushing. If your pet has a tendency to become matted or is matted at check-in, we may not be able to bathe your pet and a full groom would be recommended.

  • Should any vaccines be overdue, or if you are unable to show proof of vaccinations, your pet cannot be boarded. Please make sure you bring In proof of your pets' vaccines if you have not done so already. Please be aware that some veterinary clinics do require a written release by the owner prior to providing vaccine history/medical records to other facilities; you may need to plan ahead. We require for dogs: DHPP, 8ordetella, Influenza (both strains- H3N8 and H3NZ), Leptospirosis (both vaccines ad 7 days have passed since booster shot in order to check in), and Rabies, For cats we require: FVRCP and Rabies. Please be aware that ALL first-time •accines will need to be boosted, To best protect your pet's Immune
    system against any virus or infections, we recommend ALL pets be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their stay.

  • Please be aware that occasionally, the stress of being away from you and In a boarding environment can make your pet more susceptible to upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, and self-trauma such as scratching or biting their skin. We take great care so that these problems won't occur, and we treat our guests promptly if needed. However, please be aware and understand that these conditions can develop and that the pet resort is not financially responsible for these inherent conditions if they do occur.

  • Your pet's scenery may change without notification. This may be due to Incompatibility with neighboring pets, stress-related behavior, etc.

  • If your pet Is too aggressive or stressed, we cannot trim the pet's nails,

  • We cannot accept pets to board if they are not yet 6 months of age.

  • We provide plenty of bedding for your pet to lay and sleep on. We ask that ALL personal bedding Including blankets, beds, crates, and/or carriers be left at home. This Is due to sanitation, safety, and orderliness requirements. If you have questions about this, please discuss it with the admitting staff member. The Tomball Pet Resort Is NOT responsible for missing or damaged Items left during your pet's boarding stay.

  • Please be prepared to take collars and leashes with you at check-in.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a home away from home for your fur baby!

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